Rethinking A Customer Experience

The Challenge
Adjust the current candidate experience to the needs of the organization, and the candidates.

The Result
A candidate centered program that supports hiring managers and identifies candidates with the right company fit.
I was fortunate to cooperate with a very talented group of service designers on a number of challenging projects, ranging from rethinking customer experiences to adjusting hiring processes. We saw opportunities for improvement, revisited current states and suggested future states. The work represented here is certainly not from my hand only and I am   

The first graph shows the hiring time within APAC, the graphs below show the hiring time of the organization per team.
To understand how previous candidates experienced the hiring process we deployed a survey under employees who applied within the last 3 months. The number of previous candidates had to cover all active teams within the company,  

"It took so much time that I marked it off mentally in my mind that I probably wasn’t going to hear back from the company"


Most candidates rate the hiring process as positive, with a few significant outliers under the baseline.
Diversity in hiring process approach per team

Another survey was deployed under team leaders responsible for hiring candidates. 

"The team leader talks and the candidate listens".

Team leader

At this point, we decided first on developing and testing a program that supports the hiring manager and ensures a candidate centered experience.
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