Talent & Opportunities in Your Area

Year: 2017. Deliverables: Human Resource App. Client: Creative Recruitment Agency. Services: User Research, Information Architecture, UX Design, Project Coordination.
An established name in the creative recruitment industry reached out to improve their recruitment app. The app was already active for more than a year but user response was mostly negative. With this in mind, the team started with a survey under agency representatives and industry professionals and learned that the three most prominent points to improve are:

  • Finding available talent in my area (agency representatives)

  • Finding current opportunities in my area  (industry professionals)
  • Talent portfolio showcasing (agency representatives, industry professionals)

These insights helped shape the initial information architecture and guided the direction of the wireframes to a user experience with search in a central role.
In the new wireframes, the search function provides users more relevant options or narrow search, especially when the user is browsing around or looking for a single thing.

Depending on whether you are a client or a candidate, the application starts with the search function at the top of the screen, showing talents or agencies in your area in Map View. 

List View presents available talents when the user logs in as a client, or available opportunities when the user logs in as a candidate.

A talent portfolio appears after clicking a suitcase icon in Map View, or after clicking a talent photo in List View. An agency description appears after clicking a house icon in Map View, or after clicking a company logo in List View. 
The aim was to deliver a user experience that solves the three urgent user needs and we succeeded in doing so. The new information architecture and wireframes were handed over to another party responsible for developement and visual design.