Staying Healthy in an Aging Society

Year: 2018-2019. Deliverables: Information Structure. Company: International Advertising Agency. Services: Ideation, Information Architecture, UX Design, Prototyping, Client Soundboard.
Information architecture non-registered user landingpage.
Southeast Asia's elderly population is rapidly growing, and so has the interest in health preservation and prevention content.  

A global corporate insurer wants to accommodate its clients in Southeast Asia and asked our team to develop an online platform that gives advice about health preservation and prevention. The team sat together with specific target groups in Southeast Asia and developed, tested and reiterated several scenarios.

The result is an online platform that revolves around a client's health policy portfolio. The platform offers a selection of health preservation and prevention content form various authoritative medical sources that will help clients to improve their health.

This page shows the online platform information architecture and a selection of wireframes for the Japanese market. The content was first written in English first (we collaborated with teams outside of Japan), before it was translated for our Japanese test audience.
Information architecture registered user landingpage.

Registered user landing page wireframe containing a policy manager showing a client's health policies overview, additional health services, and articles related to current health issues.
The policy extends after clicking Policy Example A.
The panel "Policy Manager" shows additional health services based on a client's health policies after extending the panel.
The panel "additional services" shows an overview of services in several categories after extending the panel.l