Improving the Merchant Experience

The Challenge
Understand a vendor’s needs.

The Result
A tool that allows stakeholders to make merchant centered business decisions.
The digital transaction field is getting more crowded and merchants are constantly considering what their needs are to pick the service that suits those needs.

To understand those needs, the team investigated small and medium-sized merchants (<1 Billion AGMV), big merchants (>1 Billion AGMV), supporting teams, services and systems involved in supporting merchants.
Prospect engagement is relatively low during the discovery and retention phase, and only raises a peak during the integration phase. We adiscovered that some of the services are using outdated systems, and even involves manual actions all of which is time consuming and prone to errors. There was a lack of consistency in the service offering sending a mixed message to prospects and existing clients.

We saw an opportunity to improve services led by merchant needs. We worked closely with the supporting teams, visualized a map for small/mid-sized merchants ( <1 billion AGMV) and big merchant ( 1> billion AGMV), and identified and sized the most important issues.