Casual Wear Meets Music

Year: 2017. Deliverables: Shopping Platform. Agency: Havas Tokyo. Client: International Retailer. Services: Ideation, Information Architecture, UX Design, Prototyping, Client Soundboard.
Year: 2016. Deliverable Consultancy. Company: Havas Tokyo. Client: Casual Wear Brand. Tasks: User Research, Strategy, UX Design, UX Lead.. 
A global casual apparel brand sells innovative and stylish basics all over the globe. With customers all over the world and a market in constant transition, the brand reached out to our team to explore how they can innovate their e-commerce platform.
We kept in the beginning the scope of our research broad  - assessing the current market, interviewing stakeholders, researching regional user behavior patterns - by keeping all possibilities open. We learned that people around the world are active with the brand's products at certain moments in various social media channels. When these moments are brought together a unique pattern starts to occur.  
We call these patterns "rhythms" and we developed a concept - The Rhythm of Your Life - that makes these rhythms tangible and transferable. All the brand's products have their own unique sound and whether you are online selecting products and creating a look or in a store, you are literally mixing a musical composition that in realtime can be listened when you are logged in.
The userflow shows the options avalaible between a visitor and a member 
Our team cooperated with one of the worlds largest music producers which allowed us to enlarge the footprint of the concept by attaching a sound to every product in every region produced by a local artist. It allowed us to let people discover and purchase apparel outside their country borders, which makes it possible to compose truly unique musical mixes.

A visitor or member can view products in two ways: Boutique View or List View. Every product is attached to a sound or so called "stem" (an audio file with a mix of instruments). This stem can be a featured artist, a local talent, or a sound that is fitting for the product.   

Click on a product and a product description appears accompanied with the attached stem and how the stem would fit in your musical mix.
If you are a member, the platform shows your past purchases as a music mix at the top of the screen. Click on the mix and you are directed to an overview of your past purchases viewable as Boutique View or List View. You can also listen to mixes from other people and view there past purchases, if they made their mixes available for sharing. 
The concept was presented and the reactions were very positive. Time will tell if the concept will be implemented sooner or later but at the end we were able to cooperate with one of the most prolific casual wear brands in the world, and we established a strong relationship with one of the worlds largest music producersour that that will certainly be fruitful in the near future.